A headshot is an image of you from the chest up, with a focus on your face. Your headshot is your calling card; it is your face to the world. Headshots are the cornerstone of your business and personal marketing material. It is your face on social media, your website, profiles, postcards, résumé, and keepsakes for friends and family. At John Hight Photography we want to give you a variety of looks (expressions) that you can use to market yourself in the world today.  

Portraits are more varied and creative, allowing for images of individuals, couples, and families; with varied props, backgrounds, and locations. A portrait session will give you a wide range of images for your business and personal use.


John Hight Photography offers in-studio headshot sessions at our home studio or your home or office. Requirements for an on-site setup is a 12-foot by 11-foot of floor space. We bring all the lighting and equipment for the shoot. To get the best variety of shots, sessions for headshots run about 1 hours per person.  Portrait sessions may be in-studio, home, office, park, or other indoor or outdoor location.

In home and in-studio sessions are shot tethered, where the camera captures the image and transfers it to a computer in order to facilitate image review and discussion. Viewing the shots in this way allows for adjustments in the session so you can get the best set of images to represent your vision. Sessions outside of home or studio are captured and stored in camera allowing for some session review, but not as extensive as with a tethered session.

With the tethered session, there is a review of images and selection of your favorites to keep for possible purchase. The selected images will be placed on our proofing website from which you can make your selection and place your order.

In non-tethered sessions, the images are selected and placed on our proofing website by the photographer. You will be sent a passcode-protected link to the proofing website, where you can make your selection and place your order.

Our goal is to make every session delightful so that you will have a good experience, and the images will reflect that experience.


To get the most out of your session, bring a range of different cuts, colors, and necklines options for clothing. The primary objective is to dress to capture your best personality. If you don’t feel comfortable in what you wear, you most likely won’t shoot well wearing it. For our corporate clients, we like the men to have a variety of jacket/shirt/tie combos, and for the women options of blouse/dress/jacket combos. For headshots, keeping jewelry to a minimum is key: studs or small earrings and simple necklaces work well.  Anything hanging or chunky will usually draw too much attention to itself. If you wear glasses and have multiple pairs, then we'd appreciate you bringing them along to ascertain their glare factor. If you have any doubt about whether something will work or not just bring it along.


Women's makeup:

Makeup for the session is not required but recommended for women. We can arrange a makeup artist for your session. The cost for makeup during your session would be at an additional cost to you.

The makeup is applied specifically for the portrait lighting and is very natural … giving you a very clean, simple look. The makeup artist will make touch-ups and subtle changes to your makeup as the shoot progresses. Please let us know of any special makeup needs during the initial session consultation.

Women's hair:

We ask that everyone come in with their hair ready for the shoot. We want you to look your best and have your hair picture perfect. Coming with your hair not ready can add additional cost for the time required to style your hair for the shoot.


We do not recommend for makeup for men. However, if you wish we can arrange for a makeup artist to provide light grooming for skin and hair on the shoot at an additional cost. Our professional photo retouching can usually cover/diminish any skin issues that come up, so there are no worries about bumps and blemishes.

Facial Hair:

If you want part of the shoot with facial hair, and part with it trimmed or shaved, please bring along whatever grooming products you need to trim and shave your facial hair.


Our normal session schedule is Monday through Friday, with Saturday on an exception base. We schedule photo sessions in the afternoon, and we limit the number of sessions to 2 per day to allow time to wrap-up the first session before the second begins. Please do not schedule yourself with anything else close to the end of your session in case we need a little extra time with you.

Our initial consultation is free, and we require a 50% non-refundable deposit to book a photo session on our calendar. The fee is due at the time of booking the session. You may book an initial consultation online, and we will call you to set up a session that is perfect for you.

We accept PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Apple Pay for the session deposit. The remaining balance is due the day of the session.

We can arrange freelance makeup artists to do your makeup and make touch-ups during the shoot. You will be paying them directly with cash on the day of the shoot.